Continuous Flow Balance


Continuous and accurate control system and for free fall products, through repetitive cycles of weighing on hoppers.
Applicable in reception and dispatch of cereals, minerals, and all granulated products in shipping ports, cooperatives and collectors. It allows loading trucks or wagons directly from silos with programmed values.
Effective control of production and performance in manufacturing plants for oils, flours, etc., with instantaneous and accumulated weight information, has a flow meter and graphically reports the evolution of weighing cycles.
Fast and efficient self-calibration through optional automatic or manual weight test system.


All components are contained in a self-supporting closed cubic module.
In this way the filtration of powders to the work environment and the dirt between the hoppers decreases, without the need for external ventilation.
It has inspection mouths on the sides of the system that allow access to every one of the parts.
On one of the sides of this prismatic tower, there are the electrical and pneumatic pipes with their corresponding connection boxes.

Lung Hopper:
Located at the top of the system where bulk material enters.
It has in its lower part the loading gate, jaw type, mounted on bearings, single or double, depending on the capacity of the system.
It has open gate detection sensors.

Hopper scale:
Located in the central part, supported by 2 or 4 load cells according to capacity.
The discharge is made through the opening of one or two gates similar to the lung hopper, but with greater opening for rapid evacuation; It also has gate sensors.

Hopper Download:
The construction has the same characteristics as the previous ones, but open, without gates, it is a material tank with rapid discharge so that the output flow is continuous and independent of the weighing cycles.




 PE (Tn/m3) 


Soja (0,75) 61218 25355075
Girasol (0,45)3,57,71015213045
Trigo (0,75)6,61218 25355075
Maíz (0,7)5,51116,523324670
Arroz con Cáscara (0,65)4,59,51521304365
Arroz Elaborado (0,8)6,512,51926375380
Maní Grano (0,65)4,59,51521304365
Café Grano (verde) (0,5)4,481216233350
Ancho [cm]60759090110110130
Profundidad [cm]607590901100110130
Altura [cm]150200222240280320340
Batch (kg base de soja)2557100133195278417

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